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Super 3 Pack- Camlyte Cameras $39.20 × 3
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Super 3 Pack- Camlyte Cameras $39.20
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Start 1 Pack- Camlyte Camera $49.00/ea
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Studio 2 Pack- Camlyte Cameras $49.00/ea
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Pro 4 Pack- Camlyte Cameras $39.20/ea
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Ultimate 5 Pack- Camlyte Cameras $39.20/ea
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The Works 10 Pack BEST DEAL!- Camlyte Cameras $29.40/ea
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Super 3 Pack- Camlyte Cameras $39.20 × 3
Subtotal $117.60
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Each Light Bulb Camera Comes With:

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Camlyte Cameras are a cost-effective and efficient solution to indoor/outdoor Security needs. They don’t require wiring, batteries, or adapters. Just plug and play. The Light Bulb Camera screws into the light bulb plug, turn it on, and is ready to give you an eye in the sky 24/7. Plus for today only you can claim up to 50% off these great products with our coupon code “solar”! Fill in your info above to claim your Light Bulb Camera for just $49 per camera.

Save BIG when you grab 3 or more.


We make returns simple! If you’re not happy with your Light Bulb Camera, (no questions asked) PLUS! We will even refund the shipping you paid to get them to your doorstep. That’s how much we believe in our product!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are The Cameras Easy To Install And Add To My iPhone or Android?
    This is by far the #1 question we get from consumers looking at grabbing our light. We recommend watching the entire video above (14 mins) to see how the Camlyte Camera will work for you!
  • Do You Have To Purchase The Cloud Storage In Order To Review Footage?
    No, you don’t have to subscribe to Cloud Services. You can easily insert a 64 GB SD Card that will hold all the footage the camera captures. When the storage is full, it will cycle the storage and record new footage over the oldest recorded footage.
  • Can I Use The Camera Outdoors?
    Yes! The Light Bulb Camera can be used Indoors or Outdoors under a covered area. You’ll want to keep the camera away from getting wet.
  • Does The Light Bulb Camera Hook Up To iPhone and Android Devices?
    Yes! The Light Bulb Camera is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. Once the Light Bulb Camera is delivered, you’ll open your camera and scan the QR Code. That QR code will have your smartphone download the appropriate app for the Light Bulb Camera. From there you’ll easily connect all cameras purchased to your app. You can view all cameras once connected from your device.
  • Can I Share My Cameras With Other Family Members or Business Owners?
    Yes! The cameras are shareable across devices. You can share the cameras with family members, business owners, and employees that need to have access to the cameras.
  • If The Power Goes Out, Do I Need To Reset The Camera(s)?
    No, the Light Bulb Camera stores your set position. When the electric goes out and comes back on, the light bulb camera will recalibrate. From there it will go to the last set position the admin gave it. For example, if you were to set the position of the camera to be looking at an entryway and the power goes out, the camera would reboot and reset to the door entry view.
  • What is the Camera resolution?
    Camera resolution is 1080p.

Here's What Others Had To Say About Their Camlyte Camera


Easy to set up. Good quality picture. Can preset camera views. Does a good job tracking a person and even our little dog. I recommend this product. Responsive technical support. We reached out to tech support on a Sunday evening and they got back to us right away.

Paul Adam

I like this camera very much. Very convenient and easy to set up. The App for the set up is easy to use. I did buy a mini SD Card which are cheap to record video and photos. If looking for wireless camera for easy installation, this is the one

Kaden Wood

Literally almost plug and play! Get the app, make sure the power is on and boom, camera action. Need the SD card to record video, but AI recognizes humans and will take a photo even without SD card…see third photo.

Oliver Sanchez

The quality of the live feed from this camera is exceptional. The price is very reasonable and even more important than that is that the set up and use of this camera is very user-friendly. I like to say that if I was able to understand this and set it up, anyone could!

Paul Adam
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